Reframing. Adjusting. Shifting. Sometimes it feels like there was a tornado. It kept some things intact and others…not so much. When something horrible happens you have to rebuild, and that rebuilding can be painful and scary.

My life is kind of in a reframing place right now. I can’t change what happened. Believe me, if I could I would. Whatever it would take I would change it back. But that is just not how life goes. So now I have to take the mess, the pain, and the sadness and start to rebuild. As for how that will happen or what it will look like, well I’m not really sure. What I do know is that this very sad thing, the death of my child, will not ruin me. My job now is to sort through the mess and figure out where to start this process. I know I’m stronger now then I was before but I need to figure out how to proceed. So thank you to all who are still here, sticking by me as I figure out the new me. And stay tuned for what that will mean. I can’t wait to find out.


Author: griefmom

I am a single mom to 3 wonderful boys- 2 on earth and one in heaven. I work for a local hospital helping people learn how to be healthier and access resources. I'm Catholic and have faith that I will one day see my son in heaven. This blog is about my journey- as I figure out who I am in the face of an unimaginable loss. Life is difficult but beauty can be found after the struggles.

2 thoughts on “Reframing”

  1. Becca,
    Thank you for giving me a beautiful post that puts into words what the past almost fifteen years have been for me. I will always be here dear friend, to walk,talk, pray, and love you through. Much love and light, Heather G.


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